Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prizes from Miyake Wong!

Hello Girls! Remember the contest I joined on Facebook~ I received my prizes last Wednesday
Yay Here's what I picked in

The black see-through is super cute! I love everything!~ specially the back part with floral lace
and the cross shorts is so cute and unique~ too bad the shorts wont fit me!! Gosh! I picked the medium size cause it's my size, I wonder why it's like a small size~ I think they sell a bit smaller sizes! Anyway, I think I will be selling the Super cute cross shorts and after I sell I will purchase the large size at Miyake's online shop! So anyone interested? Pm me on Facebook!~

here's super kawaii Miyake with the whole outfit~

the super kawaii shorts!!~

Oh! And another prize~ Miyake also got me Super Barbie Lens in Green!

Review soon!~

So that's all the prizes I got from Miyake's Contest!
Thanks so much Miyake!!~ I really love everything!!~
like her page here~ Miyake Wong
and visit her cute online shop here
You'll find super cute outfits!~  

Thanks for reading!~

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