Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Kawaii Boushi

 Hey Gals!! Are you into boaters hat? :) well, I'am!! ^^ hihi. Our weather here in Manila is getting hotter. Summer time is almost here! Soon our school ends and yes! say Hello Summer Vacay! ^.^ Yay! Boaters hat is one of the top trends for spring and summer. And I got this cute boushi in our local mall.

Kawaii boushi

Here are some gals wearing it~

Yui is so kawaii here plus her floral dress <3

florals and cute boots~

volumed fishtails are so cute with the boushi^^

with denims~

And that's it~ Boushi for spring and summer~
Ciao for now gals!

Kawaii Gifts

Mom got me some goodies hihi. Just a little token. :) 
our finals is coming so I need something for motivation~ 
Cosmetics and Cute stuff relieves my stress ^^
thanks Mom! ^^

How about you gals? How do you relieve stress?
You gotta give me tips~  <3


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Palty and Revlon Hair dye

    Hey Gals! My gal friend and I dyed each other's hair. ^.^
This is my second time using dariya's Palty in Milk tea brown, I just need a bit re touch on my roots! yew! haha. :)

Anyway, meet my gal friend Mhiel, it's her first time to dye her hair or put any chemicals on it ever! 
she still have virgin hair~ haha! 
Mhiel has morena skin and brown eyes. She needs something that not too bright or blonde.. so we use Revlon's light golden brown.


My roots and Mhiel's virgin black hair~

dyed our hair and wait for 40 mins~

Here's the result..

With camera flash~ ^.^

Natural day light~

Palty- This is my second time using Palty, it really works great for me! My black roots turned into nice milk tea brown shade^.^ As the shade shown on the box. I never tried to bleach my hair and I have a natural black hair. Once I used this hair dye it really lighten my hair! Really love the result! If you're afraid of bleaching your hair I recommend this product. It will give you the color that you wanted. ^.^ This product is specially made for Asian hair. And yeah, Palty just have their new hair dye collection and it's the Palty with bleach! Do you gals have try it? I might try it soon! ^.^

Revlon- For Mhiel's natural black hair, the hair dye doesn't work that great. Since it's her first time  to put any chemicals on her hair. But as you can see on the pictures with day light and camera flash, it gives her hair a bit shade of reddish brown. So her hair now is not plain black as before, it gives her look a glow! ^.^

Well that's our hair dye session!
before ending this post I will share to you gals some of our pictures with our new hair!~ hihi. ^.^
Click the image to enlarge

Mhiel~ me @ the back! haha ^.^

With Karla our other gal friend~

Me~ ^.^
Do you gals have any plans for your hair? lemme know~ ^.^
Ciao for now Gals! 
xoxx ^.^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Florals for Spring

 Hey gals! How you doin? :)cafe pupu pink  Did some shopping today..  (^.^)~///

Floral accessories! Yay! Perfect for Spring!~
I so love the floral prints~

divider 1

Necklace Cameo <3

divider 1

Random Anna Sui inspired make up accessories.
Do you gals know where can I shop some more like this?
Please lemme know. ^.^~ hihijelly pink
This is my current addiction ~

girl 2
How about you gals? Did some spring shopping already? :)
Share it!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nail Crack Lac

Hey Gals I'm back! this is my NOTD. Canmake Nail Crac lac in Yellow~green. 
Watch the tutorial below~ ^.^

base and top coat, mint green & yellow crack polish

Ciao for now~ xoxx

Friday, March 11, 2011

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE! Let's Pray Everyone!!

I was so surprised yesterday about the news in Japan! I was like watching tv while cleaning my nails and then there's a flash report in NHK! As in live earth quake! The news shows the live tsunami! I was so scared as I watched the news and we urgently contacted my mom and relatives if they are okay. But it's so hard to get connection. T_T
I was so nervous, thinking about whats happening to them. And after like a couple of minutes, We get connected to one of my mom's friend in Japan. The intensity in their place is like 3. good thing they are far from 8.9! They are all okay! Thanks God! It just the connection is so hard to reach.

But still, there are a lot of people hurt and died. =((( 
Let us all pray for them! 
They need our prayers!



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sakura Brown Review

divider 1

Sakura Brown

Brand: Xtra Geo Lens
Diameter: 15.0
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year
Made in Korea

Sakura Brown is very popular in Japan. I've always seen it in jp mags like popteen and egg.
I really wanted to have it and I almost search the entire multiply and facebook online shops just to find it and YES! finally I got my pair. But I didn't buy it online I bought it at our school bazaar. haha! ^.^

So yeah, Sakura Brown is very natural looking into eyes. It's like your natural eye color because it's dark and the design is very simple there's no over design patterns just a simple black bold ring so cute! The black ring gives the illusion of a bigger eyes~ 
When I first wore this lenses it doesn't give any irritations it's so comfortable to wear it's like I'm not wearing any lenses at all. It's advisable to wear 7-8 hours. You should take care of your eyes wearing it more than 8 hours can irritate your lovely eyes. So remember that!koala 2

heres a pic wearing it in Natural Light

kitty 2

With Camera Flash~
panda 3

Anyway OVERALL I give this lens 9/10

I really love the design the color and shades blend with my natural eye color.
I soo lovin' it! It can be wear in your everyday life. Looking gyaru doll eye~ *Wink wink!~
Oh! and one more thing the design is like the same with EOS Candy Brown just the brand is different.

So that's for now gals! NEXT Post my Pink Lens!~
Ciao for now! 


Friday, March 4, 2011

My X10's new look!!

Just deco my mobile last night~ hihi ^.^

before and after~ ^.^
hope you like it gals! :)


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