Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEW! ★~Ash Blonde Hair~★

My new hair! Haha. I supposed to get my bangs done and a bit of hair trim only at the salon, but Japanese magazine tempted me to have this color! I was like browsing my magazine and looking at my dream hair color, then I curiously asked the salon adviser if they can achieve ash blonde to my hair, and they say yes! 

Oh yeah! and they said I should try the color and it will look great on me~ Haha! I was really confused that time because I don't know if my oh-so conservative school will allowed that light colour. My friends tell me to do it so, yeah I said GO for ASH BLONDE!
Really unexpected to happened. 

The very first time my hair experienced bleaching! They bleached it and add the ash blonde colour~
I really love the result how ashy my hair turned out. 

This was taken after the coloring process. They also curled my hair ~

Really ashy blonde here~

excuse my crappy face here~ 
looking idk.

My hair with flash

 Without Flash

photo spam~ hihi

So, yeah that's my new ASH BLONDE hair color~ I loving it so much! 
I'm using a lot of treatment now to maintain healthy hair~
Any suggestions for hair treatments?

What about you gals?
Have you tried bleaching your hair? 
How's your experience?


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