Friday, August 12, 2011

Black Hair Gyaru?

Hey everyone! What's up?  Long time no blog~

 I just want to share with you all a quick post about black hair gal~  hihi

I'm just trying out if black hair suits gal make up~

What do you gals think?

dark hair cherry lips?

Will you go try for dark hair? :)

btw, my eye make was inspired by Romihi~ 
Just copied her tutorial on my egg magazine~

 Purple and pink~

Photos was taken from nintendoDSi~

Sorry for lack of update. I'm very busy with school and other stuff.

And also with my online shop~

Check it out~ 

I'm selling Japanese cosmetics and other cute stuff~

That's for today gals!
Still have classes on Saturdays need to get up early~




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