Monday, April 25, 2011

Gyaru FAB Eye lashes Ideas

Hello Gals!! white riceball
this post is all about falsies~ jelly pink
I'm wearing different eye lash style here.
 Sarrey for the lightning >,<
well, here's a clearer and close up shots


on the left eye~ Romihi's eye look

on the right eye~ Made by me hihi <3

 ON THE LEFT EYE: Let's start with Romihi's eye make~

 We need these 2 Daiso Eyelash in number 9&10

 1. Cut Lash10 on the 5th long lash or about 10mm.
2. Glue the smaller cut of Lash10 into the Lash9's outer side? I dunno how to called that part,  just take a look to the pic . hihi. It will give your eye a bit of cat eye effect^^
3. Trim the Left over in Lash10 to create your bottom lash~

4. I use Maybelline's volum' express for the bottom lashes near my tear duct

And YAY! We made Romihi's eye make~

ON THE RIGHT EYE: Made my me. <3

Inspired by eye make on gal's magazines

We need this Everyday lashes in B and Elise's lash 

Very simple step

Just stick it together

And here's my eye look!
Does it looks like Diamond Lash's Glamorous Eye?
Well, Almost!

So, that's it Gals, my eye lash ideas hope you like it~
You can share your ideas too please lemme know.
girl 2

 Will leave you gals with my KG questions~
jelly blue
Do you wear your lashes everyday?
What's your favorite brand?
How do you remove your lashes?

Answer and comment below~ hihi. lemme know your here <3
Arigato Gyarus!~

Anna Sui, Hair Accessories and Daiso Lashes

Hey Gals!!cupcake What's goin on? Well me? I've been very busy this few weeks~ 
busy with part time jobs and summer activities, stuff like that. hihi 
happy loveAnyways, got a free time to post a kawaii haul~
mini valley 3

cute Anna Sui hair brush~

Oh my! Eye lash case~
It has a mirror inside so cool right? better than dolly wink? hihi. <3
well, they're both kawaii <3

mini valley 3
Also got these, Daiso eye lash in 9 & 10

the reason I bought these lashes, it's because of Romihi's eye make up~
If you've been reading Egg's beauty Spring2011
you'll know about Romihi's super kawaii make up there. hihi cherry
If you haven't read it, don't cha worry I will post the eye lash thingy on my next post hihi~

And here's the last thing that I bought~
Cute hair accessories~
Instead of regular plain hair clamps

So that's it. My short kawaii haul~
Since, I'm not busy, and nothing to do here~
  I spent my day with japanese magazines and other kawaii stuff~
to be more inspired with gyaru fashion~

Well, yeah. thats for now Gals!
belated Happy Easter!! hihi
kitty 2
Ciao for now lovelies!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kawaii Giveaways! ^_^

Hey gal's lets join these kawaii giveaways!
Rox's Sweet vs Rock giveaway <3
ends April 24

Coco's giveaway CLICK HERE
ends april 30

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Lens Review~ WT-A07


Brand: Xtra Geo Lens
Diameter: 15.0
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year
Made in Korea

WT-A07 this my first ever PINK Lens~girl 2
I supposed to buy Sakura Pink but then, I saw this new design so I switch into this. hihi^^ This is one of the new series of Geo Lens in Bigger Xtra Series you can check it HERE

So, Pink Lens... So unnatural looking. People easily noticed it. And I'm so happy when I get compliments while wearing it. Haha. Anyway, like other Geo Lens, it comfortable to wear for 7-8hrs. Gives you a bigger looking dolly eyes. O.O Still looks good even without falsies~

here's my pictures wearing it~
 Daylight and without falsies 
happy love

room light

shizuku park droplet 1

With camera flash~ 
shizuku park droplet 2

OVERALL I give this Lens 10/10
This is my fave lens atm.^^
 I really love the design/pattern it blends with my natural eye color nicely.
Plus many people give compliments~  hihi ^^
Anyway, I would totally recommend this for you gals!~ <3
Til' here~

 How about you Gals? Have you ever tried wearing Pink Lenses?

Ciao for now!


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