Saturday, May 28, 2011

Miyake Wong's Contest!

Hello Gals!!! I joined Miyake Wong's Contest on Facebook. 

Help me win by liking my entry.

Like Miyake's Page first HERE.

and my ENTRY  HERE!!!

Thank you Gals!! Wish me luck!! hihi <3

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cute Tops, Hair stuff and anything Kawaii!~

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Hello lovelies!! :) How you all doin'? Hope you all doing great! 
This is a random haul from what I got last week!~kawaii pixels Pictures, Images and Photos

Let's start with this cute tops~ Photobucket

This are from Artwork, I got this for only $3-4
Good for everyday casual wear. Very inexpensive ne?jelly pink

This tops are from K2 meaning Kirin Kirin, the name of the boutique was formerly Pieces they got renovated and changed it to K2 but the clothing that they're selling are still the same, only the brand name changed.Photobucket

this cute top has a built-in pearl necklace! how cute is that! hihi Photobucket

next would be the hair stuff and other accessories~


Cute Hair rollers for $2! Really gives you a wavy hair~
hair clips~
the best hair mask ever! Pantene limited edition~
kawaii circle lens case~
Princess Eye cover~

And that's for last week's shopping!~
How about you gals? How's your last week? did any shopping?
Share it!!Jay

Ciao for now lovelies~


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank You 100 Followers!! plus New Layout Anna Sui!

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Hello Gals!~ I'ts been like 4 months since I start blogging. and YAY! I reached 100+ followers!
Thank You so much for supporting, you gals really make11 me happy. n___n Hope you all stay in touch!~
I really appreciate your comments and messages!  

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And about my new layout! Yes! this is the very first time I changed my layout since I start blogging, lol.
 So, good bye pink polka free layout! And hello Gothic Anna Sui inspired layout Photobucket made by Me!
and I can't make this layout without my gal friend's help TATAT . She helped me how to upload the background thingy. <3 Thanks so much Gal!!
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Did you gals like my new layout?
this is the first layout that I made CLICK HERE 
It's a zebra print!

What do you think?
lemme know..

Ciao for now gals!
Jendee~ GalPhotobucket

Monday, May 16, 2011

Etude House Bottom Lashes

Hello Gals! As I promised, here's my review about Etude House's Bottom Lashes


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This is the first time I tried Etude House's Falsies~
and these bottom lashes is amazing! It's my new fave actually!
It's super affordable compare to the other brands. Every gals should try it!
The falsies comes with a glue that has a stick applicator, it helps to even out the glue when applying to the lash band.
The lash band is clear so, nobody can tell it's a falsies, it looks so natural and it easily blend with the natural lashes
I'm using Etude House's eyelid tape here and crystal gold tear in #2

This is good for everyday Gyaru eye make if you don't want a too dramatic look, I recommend this!

Have you Gals tried this already?

Ciao for now!

Miss~ JendeeGalPhotobucket


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