Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moe Moe Kyun!!~

Hello Gals! Just a quick update!~koala 2 
I'm working right now at the Maid Cafe here in Manila. Just one of my part time job.cupcake It's summer time here! means, no school, no big allowance only summer vacations and a lot of free time. I'm working there as a trainee, my shifts are only on weekends. 
I'm lucky to have something to spend my free time and to get an extra allowance as well!shizuku park droplet 3 Yay!! ^_^ btw, the name of the cafe is Meidolls Cafe.~happy love

So here's a pic with Meidoll Chesca

Maid costume and Kawaii Yukata~jelly pink
Gomen for the photo quality I just used my mobile here~

So yeah, about the cafe, It's the Philippine's first Maid Cafe!
Watch this vid for more info~panda 3

Me with Meidoll Chesca and Meidoll Chi

So, that's my update for today gals! Visit Meidolls Cafe~!!
Opens from 10am to 10pm
See you there goshujinsama!!


  1. @Lizzie ♥

    Yes Lizzie. =) We have here in Manila and it's the 1st Maid Cafe in the Philippines ^^

  2. hi!!
    I wish you to do well at work!

    very cute photos!!! ^^


  3. I read in facebook page thath this maid cafe is so cute!
    You work there? Look how a nice place!

  4. @CupcakeChisa

    Yup! As partime.=)) Yess it's super cute!~ We're like in Maid costume or sometimes in cosplay. If you visit there you will be treated as a master haha! So nice ^_^

  5. awwwww >.< wish i could visit you but i don't live in Manila T~T I wish we had maid cafes here in America especially where i live >__<

  6. @Kawaiiberri92

    Uhhh, maybe soon you'll have your own Maid Cafe there Giselle!~ ^_^ And you should be one of the kawaii Maids <3

  7. You look so cute! Is that the one in Cainta? I saw this featured on TV. Looks very interesting!♥

  8. @Abbie♥

    Yes Abbie!~ You should visit our cute cafe. hihi <3 You'll be treated as a Master!~ ^^

  9. where in cainta is that maid cafe? its soo cute! I wanna experience it ^_^

  10. @Photoescape

    Hello sweetie!~
    This is the location~

    ** Saunterfield (2nd Floor), Km.20 Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta, Rizal
    (It is the orange building after SEA OIL and BALIWAG, across BROOKSIDE SUBD. and RUBLOU Marketplace)

    you can check the facebook page for more info!~ I posted the link up there!~ hihi <3 see you there!

  11. I would love to visit at your place someday~



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