Thursday, March 24, 2011

Palty and Revlon Hair dye

    Hey Gals! My gal friend and I dyed each other's hair. ^.^
This is my second time using dariya's Palty in Milk tea brown, I just need a bit re touch on my roots! yew! haha. :)

Anyway, meet my gal friend Mhiel, it's her first time to dye her hair or put any chemicals on it ever! 
she still have virgin hair~ haha! 
Mhiel has morena skin and brown eyes. She needs something that not too bright or blonde.. so we use Revlon's light golden brown.


My roots and Mhiel's virgin black hair~

dyed our hair and wait for 40 mins~

Here's the result..

With camera flash~ ^.^

Natural day light~

Palty- This is my second time using Palty, it really works great for me! My black roots turned into nice milk tea brown shade^.^ As the shade shown on the box. I never tried to bleach my hair and I have a natural black hair. Once I used this hair dye it really lighten my hair! Really love the result! If you're afraid of bleaching your hair I recommend this product. It will give you the color that you wanted. ^.^ This product is specially made for Asian hair. And yeah, Palty just have their new hair dye collection and it's the Palty with bleach! Do you gals have try it? I might try it soon! ^.^

Revlon- For Mhiel's natural black hair, the hair dye doesn't work that great. Since it's her first time  to put any chemicals on her hair. But as you can see on the pictures with day light and camera flash, it gives her hair a bit shade of reddish brown. So her hair now is not plain black as before, it gives her look a glow! ^.^

Well that's our hair dye session!
before ending this post I will share to you gals some of our pictures with our new hair!~ hihi. ^.^
Click the image to enlarge

Mhiel~ me @ the back! haha ^.^

With Karla our other gal friend~

Me~ ^.^
Do you gals have any plans for your hair? lemme know~ ^.^
Ciao for now Gals! 
xoxx ^.^


  1. Jendee! I love your hair color! ♥ Can we purchase Palty here in the Phil? I wanna try it!!!

  2. @Abbie♥

    Thanks Abbie!~ Yess you can purchase it here =)

  3. I've actually wanted to try 'Palty', but instead I went with Loreal. I am thinking of trying a Japanese brand hair colour next time. ^^

    I use the 'Cheek Balls' by swirling a stippling brush over the balls lightly and then applying it on my cheeks ^^

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Woww hair looks so beautiful!! Gorgeous <3
    Lovely blog honey...try checking out mine-
    I'm also having a can enter if you're interested:D

  6. Sorry for my previous post, grammatic error so I removed it :P.
    Any who, I was wondering if you use a hair dye brush to apply any hair dye in general or do you just use gloves?
    Cheers Deb.

  7. @♥PopBlush♥

    Loreal works great too. =) Yes try it soon! Other Jap brand are Prettia, Beauteen, Liese and Fresh light ^.^
    They all works great especially for asian hair.

    Oh you just use a stippling brush!
    Thanks for answering ^.^~ hihi

  8. @Rakhshanda

    Awww. Thank you!! Just checked your blog and follow you. hihi ^^

  9. @Deborah

    Oh, that's fine. hihi~
    I use the hair dye comb ^^

  10. hi!!!
    I love your hair color!!!! ^^


  11. Yeah, I saw 'Prettia' as well and other brands too, not sure which one to get next time. haha

    Thanks for your comment sweetie~

  12. Does palty work on your roots? palty doesnt work on my natural hair at all LOL. and they give you so widdo ):

  13. wow.. nice hair color.. :)
    my hair needs retouch too..
    Did the palty hair dye able to color the roots of your hair??

  14. @PopBlush~ welcome, :) goodluck to your hair dying ^.^

    @Mint & kikaynurseonduty~ Yes it colors my roots. =) I dunno how it works on my black roots, hihi. just leave it to your hair longer if you want a lighter shade. ^^

  15. oh my i'm tempted to buy this again.. but I'm hesitant 'coz my roots are my primary problem I'm afraid that it'll be left black.. :(

  16. You guys look so pretty!
    I have naturally dark hair and would love to achieve a brown like this:

    I have pretty much very dark brown almost black hair, do you know any product that will achieve this look?

  17. @kikaynurseonduty- Uhhh.. you can try not washing your hair before hair dying, the dirtier the hair the hair color will effect ^^ Some other hair expert told me that hihi. or you can try palty bleach~ ^^

    @Mad Coco- Thanks! hihi. :) You can try Palty's Vanilla Beige, since you have dark hair it will mix your hair and give you a bit of ashy brown =)



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