Monday, April 25, 2011

Gyaru FAB Eye lashes Ideas

Hello Gals!! white riceball
this post is all about falsies~ jelly pink
I'm wearing different eye lash style here.
 Sarrey for the lightning >,<
well, here's a clearer and close up shots


on the left eye~ Romihi's eye look

on the right eye~ Made by me hihi <3

 ON THE LEFT EYE: Let's start with Romihi's eye make~

 We need these 2 Daiso Eyelash in number 9&10

 1. Cut Lash10 on the 5th long lash or about 10mm.
2. Glue the smaller cut of Lash10 into the Lash9's outer side? I dunno how to called that part,  just take a look to the pic . hihi. It will give your eye a bit of cat eye effect^^
3. Trim the Left over in Lash10 to create your bottom lash~

4. I use Maybelline's volum' express for the bottom lashes near my tear duct

And YAY! We made Romihi's eye make~

ON THE RIGHT EYE: Made my me. <3

Inspired by eye make on gal's magazines

We need this Everyday lashes in B and Elise's lash 

Very simple step

Just stick it together

And here's my eye look!
Does it looks like Diamond Lash's Glamorous Eye?
Well, Almost!

So, that's it Gals, my eye lash ideas hope you like it~
You can share your ideas too please lemme know.
girl 2

 Will leave you gals with my KG questions~
jelly blue
Do you wear your lashes everyday?
What's your favorite brand?
How do you remove your lashes?

Answer and comment below~ hihi. lemme know your here <3
Arigato Gyarus!~


  1. I love your falsies! they look great! I need to restock on falsies too. Thinking of buying diamond bottom lashes. What style do you think I should get? I wanna try the princess eye but I'm afraid they might be too dramatic.

  2. wow super lovely they look awesome >U< i don't really wear eye lashes everyday since i don't get dolled up for school mah its just school and tooo tired lol and i still gotta try new ones so dont really have favorite brand yet kyaaa but super cutie love your lashes and how you made them so cool and pretty >uO~

  3. such a wonderful eyes!!!! i love your make up honey!

  4. love it so pretty~ i want to wear lashes everyday but I just don’t have the time i think ( too sleepy! ) haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  5. Ooh they look awesome! Lovin' the lashes :D

  6. @The Doll Gal~ Princess Eye is cute,but it's a bit dramatic, you can try Feminine Eye or Sweet Eye. ^_^ I think those bottom lashes will enhance your gyaru eyes! ^_^

    @Kawaiiberri92~Waa thank you Giselle! hihi <3

    @Kilala Michi~Thanks! I love yours too! ^_^

    @HitomiNeko~haha! yeah! need more time just to put them! :D

    @Lizzie<3~ Thanks Lizzie! ^_^

  7. nice eye makeup. so pretty! :)
    By the way, I really like your blog, so lovely. Definitely going to follow you! :D

  8. @MissKatv

    woaaa thanks! I just visited your blog followed you backk ^_^

  9. I LOVE this tutorial! There is a Daiso very close to my place. I'll have to get some of these lashes!

  10. @bouncybrown

    Glad you love it!~ you should try it out ^_^

  11. very nice blog !

    i'm completely in love with you "Romihi's eye make" *.*

  12. I think those eye lashes are awesome! But since I have pretty long eye lashes myself I actually never tried it out. How long does it take to do it?? I guess if I would try it out I'll probably mess it up. :D
    Your blog is sweet. :) I'm new here and I don't write myself, but I'm definitely gonna follow you. ;)

  13. @myou

    hihi~ thanks! You should try it!

  14. @Miki

    Wow Miki! You are so lucky to have long eye lashes!~ Wish I have thick lashes too. T_T

    hmm.. It takes me about10-15mins haha! :) I'm still practicing to do it fast and neat >.< thank you for following ^.^ Really appreciate it~

  15. I really love this! I'm not a big fan of makeup but this is awesome. Lashes looks so feminine!

  16. @Irizarry

    Glad you love it! thank you!! Really appreciate it ^_^

  17. Thanks for your comment on my Blog!^^

    Those lashes look really great!

    I don't wer lashes every single day but several times a week.
    i prefer dollywink since they have a soft spine. I like the designs from diamond lash too but I'm not so comfortable with that hard-spine type...
    And I always just peel them off...

  18. @Mirella Marshmallow

    Yw!~ Thanks for the comment really appreciate it! ^^ I never tried dolly wink lashes because we don't have dolly wink here in Manila, but as I read reviews about that they said it's natural looking! Waaa I wish we have dolly winks here =(

  19. this is extremely helpful! i've been to Daiso XD



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