Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Lens Review~ WT-A07


Brand: Xtra Geo Lens
Diameter: 15.0
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year
Made in Korea

WT-A07 this my first ever PINK Lens~girl 2
I supposed to buy Sakura Pink but then, I saw this new design so I switch into this. hihi^^ This is one of the new series of Geo Lens in Bigger Xtra Series you can check it HERE

So, Pink Lens... So unnatural looking. People easily noticed it. And I'm so happy when I get compliments while wearing it. Haha. Anyway, like other Geo Lens, it comfortable to wear for 7-8hrs. Gives you a bigger looking dolly eyes. O.O Still looks good even without falsies~

here's my pictures wearing it~
 Daylight and without falsies 
happy love

room light

shizuku park droplet 1

With camera flash~ 
shizuku park droplet 2

OVERALL I give this Lens 10/10
This is my fave lens atm.^^
 I really love the design/pattern it blends with my natural eye color nicely.
Plus many people give compliments~  hihi ^^
Anyway, I would totally recommend this for you gals!~ <3
Til' here~

 How about you Gals? Have you ever tried wearing Pink Lenses?

Ciao for now!


  1. omg! i might buy circle lens tomorrow at the mall because i can't wait for the 2 pairs i ordered. lol.

    you're lenses are cute and i like the shade of your lipstick!

  2. I like the color... but not sure if it will look good on me... ^^

  3. Wow.. I really like those lens on you~ especially with the matching lippie shade!

  4. Wow how much was it? Where do you always buy circle lenses?

  5. I love those bottom lashes! *A* what brand are they?

  6. your lashes and lens are taking my breath away! They look gorgeous!

  7. @The Doll Gal~ Thanks!~ hehe. You better buy now hihi. Im so excited to see you wearing it! <3

    @Photoescape~ hihi, for sure it will be good on you you have fair skin!~ ^^

    @Popblush~ Thanks Sweetie!~

    @Emafe~ Hello ate Emafe my circle lens ranges from 750-1k hihi. depends where I bought it. This one I got this in a school bazaar~

    @Mint~ Hello Mint! The brand is Glamourous~ ^^

    @Mishi à la mode~ hihi~ ^^ nice~ thanks dollie <3

    @Kawaiiberri92~ Thanks dollie! :3

  8. Hi! Your blog is cute:)☆ I blog about kawaii stuff so plz check it out, you may like it;) thanX!

  9. wooooowww this lenses are veri cuteeee! well maybe becosue you are wearing it! sorry my englis is bad xDDDD buti want to say you are beautiful girl and i love your eyes!
    thanks for leave a coment in my blog!
    i follow you!

  10. @ Mª del Rocío kawaii~ Thanks sweetie!!

    @Lily! Thanks! I will check it out!!

    @●•★☆kokoa☆★•●~ Waaa thank you so much doll!! hihi <3

  11. aaaaaw, I love the lens! *.* I'm going to buy me pink lenses myself! :D
    You have brown eyes, don't you? I have green eyes. Do you know how your own eye colour influences the colour of the lens??
    Sorry for asking so much but I'm obviously pretty clueless so I'm hoping for some advice. ;D

  12. @Miki

    Glad you love it miki!~
    Yes I have brown eyes. =)
    When I'm wearing it in day time, the lens was like really pink! Only in daylight. ;)
    In room light or night time it's like a hazel brown hmm. it's hard to explain but sometimes it's dark pink. hihi~

    Maybe if you wear pink lens it will be more noticeable because you have a green eyes ^_^
    Waa! You should try it! I wonder how it looks on you!~ ^^ <3
    But it's surely noticeable.



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