Friday, March 6, 2015

Baguio City 2015

It's almost summer here in Manila. Everyone is going to Baguio City! As I scrolled my facebook newsfeed almost everyday I can see post from baguio and everyone wants the cold weather. If youre not from the Philippines. Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines because it is the people's fave destination every summer because of the cold weather. :) 

My hubby and I were planning to go to baguio with our Family however something happened and we ended up going to Baguio on a different group. So I'll be with my college friends (All girls) and he'll be with highschool friends (All boys).

Here's my trip with my gal friends, we leave Manila exactly 5:30 AM, and we haven't eat breakfast that time, so the first stop over at NLEX Shell Gasoline Station we had our breakfast at Jolibee there's a lot of people in the stop over area. I think there's a bunch of school buses staying there to have some breakfast it took us an hour and a half before we continue driving. From NLEX 7am we travel to SCTEX, TPLEX, And I don't know where next? were just following the WAZE app on our phone. Haha. (It's like a GPS App you can just download it's free!)  So it's 3 hours to get to Baguio City! Isn't too fast? :) Estimated Fuel and Toll Fee cost P1500 only. (one way)

The first thing we do? Take a picture with the Lion's head. 

And have some Strawberry Taho!! Yummy. 

Then from the Lion's Head we checked in to City Light hotel near SM Baguio and Session Road. You can check their site here. (Note: these pictures are not mine I just googled it never got a chance to take some shots around the hotel.)

(Here's our picture in the lobby waiting for our room~ And that's the wonderful view from the lobby.)

We take a little nap first then we ate our snacks or lunch around 4pm it's kind of late that time so we just went to SM baguio to grab some food. Then we stayed in the hotel again fix our stuff and then we went to the night market. It was a bit crowded didn't get a chance to take some pictures.  What you can see at night market is a bunch of sale clothes which are used and brandnew prices ranges for P20-P500 mostly the sell jackets and that's why it's Baguio is also known as Ukay Ukay Capital of the Philippines. 

We also visit a bookstore for 2nd hand books near Jolibee. Then we get back to the hotel to plan for tomorrow's trip.

Then around 7pm we had our dinner at session road trying to find the best steaks however Im sorry to tell you guys the food is not great in this restaurant it's horroble and completly waste of money the steak is so hard to bite. And we didn't enjoy every food that we order. Even their specialty steak and t-bone. Didn't get a chance to take a picture.

Moving on, we explore the hotel and relax to their lobby enjoying a cup of coffee the live piano performance and especially the cold weather!  

Did I tell you that our hotel doesn't have airconditioner or fan? You can just open the window and enjoy the cold weather! I wish we could have this weather in manila!

The next day, we woke up a bit late and prep for the trip we had our brunch at Pizza Volante at Session road again. I ordered this Carbonara which taste good and some pizza.
Prices are very affordable and worth it with the food.

Then after we had our brunch we went to the oh so famous Sitio Lapresa. Is it just me that didn't know where sitio lapresa is? So my friends told me it was the area where a Teleserye (Tv Series) shoot and the name of the series is Forevermore? I'm not sure, sorry but I rarely watch tv. 

      My Friend trying to touch the fog haha

It took us 30-45mins to go up to the top of the mountain to reach the destination and it was really cold and you can touch the clouds! Haha. Just kidding because you can see the fog around. Before you reach the main house you'll pass through some booth that sells hot corn, strawberries and more souviniers. 

We also bought some strawberries for only P200/kg 

And we bought some strawberry ice cream for only Php 25

This is the best strawberry ice cream I ever tasted! I wish they sell this in tub so I could take it home! 

So here it is at Sitio Lapresa.

Then we visit the famous parks and buy some pasalubong.

The Mansion

(Did you know that the people in Baguio buried their dead loved ones just outside their house, you can see those white blocks? That's their dead relatives.)

Then we head back home to the hotel and rest for a while. Then we had our dinner at Grumpy Joe. Everything is good and very affordable food is just around Php150-270 the serving is quite big for girls. 

Here's what I ordered combo B for only Php150.

We supposed to eat dessert to the famous 50's dinner but unfortunately they don't have enough space. 

We ended up grabbing some coffee and frappe at Starbucks located in SM baguio. 

Then we head back to the hotel and chill at the lobby enjoying the live music and the cold weather. 

Then head back to the our room and have some drink to sleep early because we'll be getting up early at 5am to head back home to Manila.

The next morning we prep real quick cheack out to the hotel at 5:30am then we leave exactly 6am and got home at 10:30am! That's really fast~
So that's our trip to Baguio. 

How about you gals have you recently visited Baguio?

Do you have any suggestion for cool resto? Let me know just comment down below.

Thanks for reading. 
Happy Summer everyone!~ 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pamper Night

It's a wonderful weekend! here's what happened my hubby, baby and I went to the mall. We first go to the arcade then,  we go shopping for our essentials and pamper needs. My husband got bored since it took time for me to choose the best product. 

We bought more on korean and japanese skin care products then after shopping we went to a japanese restaurant to eat some dinner here's a picture of our baby trying to blow the candle of our table haha. Silly baby. 

Then we got home and have a hot bath. It's so relaxing and the best thing is I ask my hubby to have a pamper night with me. I scared him that he looks older and he need to do this haha. So yeah it happened.  (pampering session) :)

After the hot bath we put on our toner, then we apply my clay mask 

while on mask we moisturize our body then we wash off the mask

Next, is the nose patch haha to remove the black & white

Then moisturize the face

One of the most relaxing night! After the beauty routine we watch a good movie together. It's his off from work so I'm so happy that we're all together. This is really my kind of day. I know it's like a simple day, but I really appreciate every little time we have together. and that's it my pamper day.


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