Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pamper Night

It's a wonderful weekend! here's what happened my hubby, baby and I went to the mall. We first go to the arcade then,  we go shopping for our essentials and pamper needs. My husband got bored since it took time for me to choose the best product. 

We bought more on korean and japanese skin care products then after shopping we went to a japanese restaurant to eat some dinner here's a picture of our baby trying to blow the candle of our table haha. Silly baby. 

Then we got home and have a hot bath. It's so relaxing and the best thing is I ask my hubby to have a pamper night with me. I scared him that he looks older and he need to do this haha. So yeah it happened.  (pampering session) :)

After the hot bath we put on our toner, then we apply my clay mask 

while on mask we moisturize our body then we wash off the mask

Next, is the nose patch haha to remove the black & white

Then moisturize the face

One of the most relaxing night! After the beauty routine we watch a good movie together. It's his off from work so I'm so happy that we're all together. This is really my kind of day. I know it's like a simple day, but I really appreciate every little time we have together. and that's it my pamper day.

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