Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Love Month is Beauty Month

Hey dolls! I'm so excited for this month because this is my beauty month. Last month I quit my job because I just realized I don't want to work anymore and I wanted to happened something new to my life. So first I declutter my life. I started quitting my job and declutter my room when I say room including my closet I declutter my closet because it's nearly full and I can barely hang another dress so yeah I declutter all my stuff and sell it or give it to some one who can use it.. And yeah I also declutter my make up collection I super organize everything and try to revamp my room for a new look this 2015. Now I feel great and it really cleared my mind I know I can think more clearly when my room is clean and cute.

Anyway as I metioned this will be a beauty month! I'm so excited for this month because I have so many activities which is more on pampering related because this month is the start  where I can do anything I want. I think I deserve to be pampered after a year and four months of working! Haha as if I work that long but anyway that's my first job and it was really stressful. So yeah this are the list that I'm currently working for beauty month.

💖Beauty Month💅💇💆💄💋
1. Beautiful, organized, and clean room (who doesn't want this kind of room! I think it will help me relax to have a beautiful and organize room it is very peaceful in my mind and it's a positive and great way to start the day)
2. Have a healthy breakfast or a healthy meal as much as possible (it will make you live longer and plus it eating healtier is good for you and it can help yoy lose weight.
3. Exercise. ( Jog every morning or exercise atleast 7mins once you wake up beacause you will be productive the whole day)
4. Hair care ( this is definietly on my list because I want my hair to reborn since I dyed my hair a lot)
5. Baby my skin ( proper exfoliation and moisturizing is the key to get a soft and baby skin)
6. Complete my skin care routine (following my skin care routine religiously because there are times that Im so lazy and I just go straight to bed without moisturizing.
7.Nail Art (since I have a free time I will put more effort in my nails)
8. Relax drink green tea (drinking green tea is asia beauty secret for a youthful skin and skinny figure.
9. Read a book and watch movies. ( nothing beats just reading your fave book or watching your fave movie after you get pampered.
10.visit the spa and get an amazing body spa( I think we all need to get a great massage after all the stress at work. Ahh the best way to relax!)

So that's so much about my list and I also created a specific list on what I call a Beauty Day.

Jendee's Routine (Beauty Day Special)

7:00am wake up
7:00-7:10 Online a bit and check for updates
7:10-7:15 Fix bed
7:15-7:25 wash up (brush teeth/wash face with fresh cold water 20 times)
7:25-7:45 drink 1 glass of water
Grab some cereal drink/or 1 bread
7:45-8:00 change to work out clothes warm up and stretch
8:00-9:00 jog and work out
9:00-9:15 rest
9:15-10:15 hair treatment (hot oil/hairmask/hair oil repair)
10:15-11:00 shower (exfoliate/bubble bath)
11:00-11:30 moisturize wear my fave girly cute room wear 
11:30-12:00 clean nails
12:00-12:30 have a healthy lunch
12:30-1:00 paint nails
1:00-2:30 watch movie while waiting my nails to dry
2:30-3:00 dress up 
3:00-4:00 go out and shop for girly stuff
4:00-5:00 have a tea and a small sweet while reading my fave book
5:00-8:00 go to the spa and have a body spa a nice hot spring and massage
8:00-8:30 have a light dinner
9:00-9:30 HOME. Light up a vanilla scent candle, remove make up change into a cute pjs moisturize whole body and apply a very relaxing face mask and then hand cream
9:30 read book, watch movies, watch youtube until I fell asleep

Well that is my kind of beauty day. I think we all deserve to have beauty day febuary is not all about valentines and dating specialy if you are single, but if you're in a relationship I think it would be a perfect day to do it with your guy together they would love it for sure they deserve to have a beauty day or should I say a very relaxing day for a guy :) I hope you enjoy reading my post and how about you gals? Can you share what is a perfect beauty day for you? 

Before I end up this post I just want to share to you this cute picture of my baby whe she saw me wearing face mask! Haha so cute but yeah my mom quickly get her because she's super scared and it will take 15minutes on my face..

So that's for now please don'forget to check and subscribe on my youtube channel. Here's a mini haul video see you on my next post.
Ciao for now!~ 

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