Saturday, July 23, 2011

★~ Tsubasa Masuwaka 益若つばさ Dolly Wink Nail Tutorial ~★

Hey Girls!  Our exam week is over~ I'm back to blogging!
 here's my current Nail design~

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I want something red, it supposed to be Ichigo design but I failed drawing the leaves.
 I found this picture of Tsubasa and got inspired 

If you zoom in you'll see her kawaii Nail Design
Very Dolly Wink ne~

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I made a Tutorial on Yt. Haha~ I miss making videos. 
subscribe if you want~ mychannel

Here's the tutorial~

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The Products I used

Etude House WH702
Etude House RD102
Etude House Nail Art Pen White
Caronia Top Coat
Winmax Long Type Enamel #29

Dotting Tools

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here's the finish look on my left hand.


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Hope you all like my Nail Design~
btw, I made a Gyaru Shoppe online~ You might wanna check it out~
Here's the link Gyaru Shoppe Meishoku

Ciao for now Girlies!

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