Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lancôme Workshop and Purikuras~

Last Saturday, my friends and I attended the Lancome Workshop at Marionnaud. We have classes that day but since we don’t feel like going to school because of the BAD WEATHER and BAD TEACHER we decided to attend this workshop instead. Haha.

The workshop starts at 2pm~  And they discuss about the skin care routine
 Proper cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc.

 how to apply make up properly.

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We didn't get a chance to try Lancome's Skin Diagnosis System. It's too late and there's a lot of people in the line wants to analyze each other's skin. We just gave them chances to analyze their skin types, skin ages, etc. We are still young anyway! Ha-ha.

Lancome offers free makeover too, but as I said earlier the line is too long so we didn't get a chance to experience the Lancome makeover. Good thing they give us goodies to try Lancome skin care at home! wee

 Amazing Skin care products

Thanks Lancome! I so love the Genifique!
Really makes my skin so light and soft
Will be trying more of your skin care products soon!

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After the workshop we still hang at the mall
take some pictures at the photo booth

Purikura with friends

Ciao for now gals~ 
This will be my last post for this month



Monday, August 29, 2011

BiBo Eyeful Eyebrow

A lot of Gals are using Bibo Eyebrow. I've seen it in J-magazines and it's really popular in Gyaru world especially for those who have light hair.
Have you watched Miyake Wong's tutorials? She always use bibo eyebrow.

Even Tsubasa Masuwaka use it ~

Perfect shade to compliment light hair

On my previous post you all know that I have lighter hair color now.

NEW! ★~Ash Blonde Hair~★

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 I was thinking about getting a new eyebrow, much lighter and can match my hair color.
 My first choice was bibo's eyebrow. I only use their black and white liner. It works great to me so, why not try their eyebrow? Right
finally got mine! 

 My old eyebrow pencil is dark brown I got it from my local drugstore it's very hard to find light shade here.

You can see the difference below


I been using bibo for a week now and I'm loving it.
I don't need to apply it over and over again in short, NO re-touch! it lasts long like for a day?! And you don't have to apply eyebrow mascara to make it look lighter cause it's not your typical BROWN eyebrow pencil it's in VERY LIGHT BROWN made especially for light dyed hair/blonde gals!

see my light fringe matching my light eyebrows? Haha.

So If you have light or blonde hair I totally recommend this eyebrow. It'll really matches your hair color perfect for the gal look

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Have you Gals tried this Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow?
Does it works great?

btw, you can get this from 
Go get yours NOW! few stocks left.




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