Monday, April 25, 2011

Anna Sui, Hair Accessories and Daiso Lashes

Hey Gals!!cupcake What's goin on? Well me? I've been very busy this few weeks~ 
busy with part time jobs and summer activities, stuff like that. hihi 
happy loveAnyways, got a free time to post a kawaii haul~
mini valley 3

cute Anna Sui hair brush~

Oh my! Eye lash case~
It has a mirror inside so cool right? better than dolly wink? hihi. <3
well, they're both kawaii <3

mini valley 3
Also got these, Daiso eye lash in 9 & 10

the reason I bought these lashes, it's because of Romihi's eye make up~
If you've been reading Egg's beauty Spring2011
you'll know about Romihi's super kawaii make up there. hihi cherry
If you haven't read it, don't cha worry I will post the eye lash thingy on my next post hihi~

And here's the last thing that I bought~
Cute hair accessories~
Instead of regular plain hair clamps

So that's it. My short kawaii haul~
Since, I'm not busy, and nothing to do here~
  I spent my day with japanese magazines and other kawaii stuff~
to be more inspired with gyaru fashion~

Well, yeah. thats for now Gals!
belated Happy Easter!! hihi
kitty 2
Ciao for now lovelies!



  1. Omg this is all so lovely. Especially bow for hair! Love it!


  2. I love Daiso lashes! My favorite is the number 11. And also that Type B that come in two pairs that you have. They resemble the dolly style of diamond lashes! So cute! I shall try the number 10 you got there. you look cute!!

  3. Hi jendee! so kawaii stuffs.. where do you get your ana sui products? ^_^ you look cute with your new bow clip/hair clamp

  4. wahhhhh super cute eyelashes love them and love the super duper cute bow too cute >u< gahhhhhh this haul is just overly cute and anna sui eye lash case ^____^

  5. @The Doll Gal

    Thanks Doll! Yeah you should try it~ and I will try daiso's 11~

  6. @starbaby1121

    Waa thanks!~ I got those from a shoppe called Funky Finds.

  7. @Kawaiiberri92

    Yeah, Thanks Giselle! Love it all too!!~ Specially Anna Sui! Hihi ^_^

  8. hi jendee! thanks dear but where exactly is funky finds located?? I really like your style and you look so cute all the time! you can be a living japanese doll! ^_^

  9. @starbaby1121

    If you are living in the manila you can check Gateway Mall @ Araneta hihi ^_^

  10. OMG, these are sooo cute! I always have difficulty finding cute accessories from where I live though :(



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