Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Kawaii Boushi

 Hey Gals!! Are you into boaters hat? :) well, I'am!! ^^ hihi. Our weather here in Manila is getting hotter. Summer time is almost here! Soon our school ends and yes! say Hello Summer Vacay! ^.^ Yay! Boaters hat is one of the top trends for spring and summer. And I got this cute boushi in our local mall.

Kawaii boushi

Here are some gals wearing it~

Yui is so kawaii here plus her floral dress <3

florals and cute boots~

volumed fishtails are so cute with the boushi^^

with denims~

And that's it~ Boushi for spring and summer~
Ciao for now gals!


  1. Cute hat! I love hats! I plan to buy more and more and more! <3

  2. wooow!!!!
    it is very cute!!! ^^


  3. Very cute:) post pics wearing it with jeans it will look good on you certainly ^ ^

  4. Oh no, I haven't tried Prisila wigs or extensions:(I want to try one day!Have you tried them?^^I really like these hats!they are cute<3^^

  5. @Himeko~ Yess me too! Super loving hats.

    @M ª del Rocío kawaii~ Thank you! :3

    @Yesha~ Waaa. Thanks ate Yesha ^^

    @Parenting Articles~ Yess So cute!! :3

    @ジュリエット~ Oh thanks ^^ I'm planning to buy soon. hihi <3 a lot of blogger have good reviews on that wigs/extensions we better try that out ^^

  6. I LOVE boaters hats! I look around for one for ages but by the time I bought one summer was over lol. Yours is soo cute! I love the huge bow ^^



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