Saturday, June 25, 2011

How I Organize my Gyaru Lashes~

Hello Gals!~ Today my post is about how I organize my Falsies
Okay before, my main problem is my messy and unorganized Lashes. When I'm in a rush I can't find the lashes that I should be wearing. So I find3 ways on how can I organize my lashes and that is what I'm sharing you gals in this post.~

 here's my old messy lashes case 
It can't be close cause it's full and bulky~ 

What we need to do is to organize all your falsies outside their cases like this

We will be using containers to store the lashes~
This is the first that we will be using this is a real eye lash case/organizer

First is place all the glue in the case

And then, put the lashes that you always use on the plastic case~
I dunno really how you called them but here it is.

And add other lashes!
See how organize it is!
Plus you save space, get rid of those annoying eyelash plastic case~

2nd container is this drawer~ I think you can see this anywhere

On the fist drawer you can store all the tools you use like glue, eyelash applicator, tweezers etc.

Second is the lashes with their cases~ err If still not enough for your large collection of lashes you can try larger drawers

Cute Divider

The last container type is like this~

Store all the top lashes under~

And all the bottom lashes on the top

And yay!~ organized!

Cute Divider

All in all I reccommend the containers that no need to store the plastic eye lash case, so that we save space and it's more less hassle. My fave case is the black and red one~ I throw away my eyelash plastic case cause it annoys me every time I'm in a rush  ~

So  that's how I organize my Lashes~ 
It's really hard to blog these days, the internet is slow and my computer shut down twice while I'm posting this arrgggh. good thing it's saved. Hmm~ anyway hope that there will be no storm here in Manila. I can't go out and we are scheduled to go to Laguna and Quezon tomorrow morning for our thesis. hmmm. Hopes everything back to normal tomorrow! 
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Ciao for now Gals!~
Take Care!~


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