Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello June!!

Hello Lovelies!!
Finally an update! I got tons of cute topic to share with you girlies. Hopefully I can post it all this week.

Summer days are over~ Summer is leaving. Well kinda. Cause it's still hot here in Manila.
Anyway, Welcome June!!! Classes will resume next week!!~ And I just enrolled at the Uni and after enrolling I shopped and got some kawaii stuff~  First is that cute hair bow and earrings. The hair bow is like Dolly Wink's design. haha. Cute!!~

Cute necklace~ I  the design perfect for simple white tees~

 Room Bulletin board~ 

here it is already posted on my wall
Getting ready for my school schedule and other reminders

Before ending this post, I just want to thank all you girlies who support me in Miyake's Contest. I won 3rd Place~ errr. I joined the contest because of the Diamond Lashes. And I didn't get the 1st prize which include the lashes~So saaad. hmm. Anyway, I still won so YAY!!! Thank You Againnn!~

And that's it. So, here's me wearing the hair bow~
Ciao for now!
See you on my next post~

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