Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gifts from GraciousGlamours!!!

Tuesday Morning!~  I was in my class busy listening to my professor..
suddenly, my phone rings!
It's my cousin! she said that somebody called from the post office and asking me to pick up my package from Singapore. YAY! Ofcouse, it's from super kawaii and generous Grace! :)
I was so surprised and I want to go pick it up right away. :))  But my class ends at 4 and I dunno where is that post office :) haha! *we just moved in. :) Anyway, I asked my boyfriend to come with me. :) <3

And yeah we claimed it! So here it is~

This is the package with kawaii tapes. ^_^

My supa kawaii prizes:

                          A lacey demin clutch bag with assorted fab products and other stuff!:)

face masks ^.^
Chocolates and candies!~


1. Japanese Lip gloss *I can't read it~ but it's #1 in Japan ;)
2. Maybelline Hello Kitty VOLUM' Express *exclusive in Asia only
3. Glamorous Lower lash falsies
4. Kate Diamond cut eyes

Nail Polishes from Dolly Wink in baby pink and CANMAKE Crack Lac nail in #2

Kawaii Stuff:

Cute mirrors~ ^.^

Tinkerbell bracelet and mickey mouse rings from hk disneyland~
And cuuute earrings! ^.^

Anna Sui Coin pouch~ how cute is that! with floral prints! love it!~

puffy stickers with bow tie, disney pen, bow necklace, & bow key chain :)

This is the most unexpected gift~ An Anna Sui inspired earrings holder. ^.^
I was searching for this for a long time, and I dunno where can I buy this. 
We don't have Anna Sui here in the Phil. And Grace got me this!! Omagad!
I was sooo surprised! I was so happy when I got this!
Thank you so much Grace!!! :)

I posted her cute note on my wall :) Awww :">

And yeah~ Thank You so much Grace!!
I love em' all!! You're the sweetest gal ever!
Jendee :)


  1. hahaha so cutee congrats on winning ^u^ gah im so jealous >~< lol i wish i could get those things where i live, but they don't sell any of that stuff here where i live T^T lol

  2. So many cute things you got there!!
    Btw, u got such a cute blog :D



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