Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last day SALE!!!

Bazaar SALE! Sounds like Another cute haul ~  
Since today is their last day, they put all their items on Sale! like some of them are on 10-30% discount. ^.^
And Yes. I accidentally spent my savings. I can't help it! No more allowance for this week~ huhu! T_T
Anyway, I'm still happy for the stuff that I purchased :) Haha!

Okay. I wont take it too long, so here's my cute haul:

pink butterfly bulletRings from shoppe called Kerengkeng 

pink butterfly bulletHello Kitty earphones ^.^

pink butterfly bullet~2 pairs of Circle Lenses in Sakura Brown and Pink Lens in WT-A04 I dunno the screen name or whatever check here
                   pink butterfly bullet~Anna Sui circle lens case *loveit! <3 ^.^
pink butterfly bullet~Free 2 mini solutions and  2 cases


Wearing my Sakura brown~

So yeah! That's it! ^.^
star bullet Will make a review on my next blogs~
Can't make it tonight. Jendee is too tired from practice, (KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL) I'm still lucky that I have a bit of time for this post. hihi ^.^ Thanks for reading ~  ^.^

Waaa ciao for now Gals!~xoxx! Oyasuminasai! (^3^)<3!!
Jendee is sooo sleepy... like supeeer tireddd.... like....ZzzzzzZzz~~


  1. please do a review on the Sakura Brown and Pink Lens in WT-A04 if you haven't already ^u^

  2. cute haul dear! I <3 your nails can you make a tutorial? :)

  3. Hi~i'm japanese girl^^
    u r blog is very very kawaii♥

    please see my blog☆ u r spare time~!

    and my facebook:Sato Heavenly

    bey bey^^

  4. @SATOMI

    heey SATOMI! I viaited your blog!~ but I can't post comments because the codes are written in kanji!~ >.<

  5. oh!sorry>_<but,thank u for visiting my blog☆
    please see my blog occasionally^^
    sentences will write in Japanese and English!

    i comment to your blog~(^-^)/

  6. @heavenly

    Yes but my computer automatically translate it to english so it's easier to read ^.^ Please keep in touch!~~ But one thing I really cant put comments! T_T

  7. if u want to comment on my blog if u are.
    sentence under the "コメント" please click!
    u can write comments☆^^

    but,if it is difficultu dont need a comment!
    Dont worry~~(^_^)v

    bye bye♪



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