Friday, February 11, 2011

Kawaii Zebra deco~

My kawaii zebra phone!~ <3

HOW TO: Deco your phonekitty 2

Start with a clean surface~

Cut the zebra skin using a cutter, don't forget to draw a mark guide first ^.^ 

Stick it gently

Add decos ^.^ my fave part~
I made this pink bow~

Start sticking 'em on using a glue gun
~ deco gems ~ bows~

Add lace for more hime gyaru look! ^.^
Kawaii ne? :)


With my other decoden ketai~ *Anna Sui inspired~

KAWAii!~ ^.^
Wanna see how I did that Anna Sui ketai?
Watch it below. ^.^


  1. hi.. :) Thanks for following.. I so envy you.. :) I have a deco sticker too but I wasn't able to put it on my phone.. :( nilagay ko nalang siya sa mini notebook ko.. :) anyways, stay gorgeous.. :) Will visit your blog more often.. God bless.. :)

  2. I follow your blog!
    I love your blog!
    your phone has been fantastic! I love it!

    here is my blog!:



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