Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lashes!! ~

I just finished editing a new vid tut on YT. ~v^-^v~♥
Yay!! It's all about lashes dollies! ;;;)  I was inspired with my fave model Tsubasa Masuwaka a former Popteen model and she has an Eyelash line called Dolly Wink~ Very popular in Japan. yeah!!
Since we don't have Dolly Wink here in the Philippines I made my own Dolly Wink. ◕‿-。

I got this from Saizen for only 85php!!~
Style B Adds volume

This one is from hbc, It's not a lower lashes ◕‿-。
 I just cut and trimed it to use as a lower lash~
Oh!~ and I got these for only 20php???
I totally forgot the price but it's below 50!! Cheap huh? =)

 here's a pic wearing it.

Poutieee. ◕‿-。

:p bleeh~

You can watch my vid on how did I apply this lashes click mizsgyaru
How about you guys have you tried making your own lashes?

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