Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello Kitty Simming Spa in the Philippines

My girls and I went to this super kawaii spa in marikina. I believe this is the very first hello kitty slimming spa in the Philippines.
So yeah it was saturday around 1pm when we arrived to the spa. Unfortunately their having a spa party until 4pm! They have to ask us to wait until that time when it's just 1pm. A week before Were trying to reach the numbers provided to their page to have reservation and it's not working. And no announcement posted on their page that the spa is having a party until 4pm. So this what we did while waiting until 4pm we stroll around the sss vill and found this cute cafe Pink Chiffon and we take lunch the place is cozy and full of pastels.

excuse my eyebrow I'm letting them grow so I can reshape them 

And then after that we still have extra time so below the spa their's a salon and we get our hair trimmed just to waist time. Haha. And when it's exactly 4pm we immediately went back to the spa. And guess what? the spa attendant informed us that the the party was extended until 5pm!! So we have to wait another hour! Since it's a hello kitty spa I have to extend my patience. So yeah we stroll again around sssvill and went to a ice cream house, to a garage sale from the owner of Olopsc. until it's 5pm!
Finally the party is over. And now it's our time. So they let us in and waited around 30mins cause the spa attendant were taking their snacks pa. While waiting we take pictures around the spa

 The main lobby of the spa

hello kitty light!

kiity and daniel's room

even the rest rooms are hello kitty themed!

And finally we started, we have our footspa massage and mani pedi. 

pastel purple

And body spa/massage. 

So we were there from 5pm -10pm

the owner's kitty car

Overall I'll recommend this spa!. A little advice it's better to visit on weekdays! Since they just opened last September there's a lot of customers on weekends. But it's okay they are open 12nn-12mn. We will definitely come back to this cute spa I also thinking about getting vip card so I can have my own spa party and to try out other services.

After spa we spend the rest of the night with our guys at brick road we dine at hassan to have our fave kebab and koo bedeh~ and chill at off the grill with some live bands and drinks. That's the end of that day very relaxing. More to post soon! ciao for now gals!

How about you guys how did you spend the weekend? Thinking about going to the spa? Any recommendation around metro manila? Share your thoughts on the comment box below!

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