Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Update!

Hello gals! Happy 2014! I know its been a while. Just want to have a post to greet you and  for the first post of  the year. I've been very busy with my online shop gyaru shoppe and with my work and family last year. I've been focusing more with my work and for gyaru shoppe. I'm also trying to give more time like joining anime conventions every month to show case my items. Anyway here's some of the highlights of my 2013.:)
My very first event Oh no Manga Cosplay Camp! July 7, 2013

 Otaku Expo August 17-18, 2013

Best of Anime SMX Sept 14-15,2013

Collecticon Sept 20-21,2013

Cosmania October  5-6,2013
Otaku Expo Reload  Nov 16-17,2013 SMX
8th Christmas Toy Fair Dec 13-15,2013

Our First event this year Ozine Fest 2014 Jan 11-12, 2014

See? how busy I'm. But this February I didn't get a booth so I can just rest for a month but I still have my full time job. Anyway, before I'm just dreaming to be one of the exhibitors and I'm very happy and proud that I have given the chance  to join anime conventions and meet new friends.
Looking forward more this 2014.  Btw. Our next event will be this March 8-9, 2014 at Robinson's Manila. See ou there! And yeah this February I totally revamped my online shop on Facebook and Instagram. Check it out now click .
 and our Instagram: @gyarushoppe See you all there!~  

and from now on I'll be updating this blog~ I just realize how I miss blogging 
see you on my next post!


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