Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Anna Sui Collection

I've been collecting these romantic gothic like style anna sui stuff since I was in highschool. Idk it's like I fell inlove with these babies.

Some of these collections are gifts from relatives abroad and some are from my lovely friends they really know me when it comes to this. 
Its really hard to find stuff like this in the mall. So when I get a chance to see some thing like that I will buy it right away 
So here are some of my collections.
These are the Anna Sui travel mirrors~

Uhhmm and more Anna Sui mirrors~ :D

Anna Sui comb and brush ~

Eyelash cases

Anna Sui Display organizers

Super Cute Anna sui inspired Accessories~

And this just looking like Anna Sui! Love the romantic goth style~

My Anna Sui Earring organizers~^^ w/my Japanese magazine collections~

Anna Sui nail cutter! So kawaii! 

And this tool kit 

and more Anna Sui stuff~

 My Anna Sui phone Cases!~

Some of my collections were damaged and loss due to some typhoons that ruined our old house. Never had the chance to take some pic or saved them  anyway Im still happy of what Ive got today. Hoping to find more soon.
If you guys are looking or wondering where to buy this stuff here in the Philippines. You may check GyaruShoppe for more of this. More stocks will be available this May! Watch Out! Don't forget to like on Fb and follow on instagram: @gyarushoppe
That's all for now. Ciao~

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