Monday, March 31, 2014

Gal's Night Out

  • Hello gals! As I promised that I will always update my blog. So here's the highlight of my month. Last Saturday my cousins and I dine out at Eastwood city meet my half Japanese cous Misa~ she's kawaii ne! she's like my little sissy ~ since we're living in a same house and same room back in high school before she decided to stay in Japan.

  •  pics
  • And yeah together with our kawaii wacky baby Amber! She's so wacky the most chubby cutie baby argghh I wanna bite her cheeks!! Hihi!

  • So yeah, Misa only have 2weeks vacay here in manila so we really need to bond. Since it's my off we dine out and thinking about eating burgers. Supposed to be at zark's but we cant wait that long because of the queue! So we dine at Stackers instead.
  • Amber grabbing the burger!

  • After that we shop around the night bazaar and at etude house. And have some desserts here in this kawaii cupcake house.

    • And btw this is my fotd
    • sorry too tired to post products I used will make another post plus kawaii stuff from Japan.Well that's the highlight of the month. See you on my next post!:)

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