Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Majolica Majorca's Kawaii Contest in 19th Travel Tour Expo 2012

As a tourism student, Every time there's a travel tour expo we are always required to attend. This time it's the 19th. It's all about getting the hottest deal and amazing cool tour packages inside and outside the country. From hotels, airline,travel agencies and a lot more. 

There's a lot of cool booths inside like, malaysia where they had malaysian performers and promiting their malaysian milk tea. 

But the highlight of this post is this Japan pavilion.

When you see their area its like you are in little Japan, they have free pocari sweat and launching the make up brand majolica majorca which is my fave! 

And there is a kawaii contest inside /cute contest that you need to have a make over w/MM and strike a neko/cat cute pose and it will be post on their pavillion..

It was really fun this time goin to travel expo I really enjoyed it and I got some cute pandas from china air. (I forgo to take a pic)

After the expo we had our dinner  near SMX

 and we explore moa around the sea side area, its been a while since my friends and I bond again so we seize the night! We walk at the sea side to find some cool place to chill until we pass to this ride,

 haha a lot people was riding and shouting. We got curious how it feels inside so for  fun we try it! 
After that not-so-fun lame ride finally we found this place called Pete's place. We chill and watch a very cool and funny band called Lola and I forgot the name but the lead vocals is a grandma well a cool granny shes really funny So after that we head back in our Pink Palace apartment near the airport. I will post a blog about pink palace where everything is pink. 

Oh and some photos are not mine it's from here

And for more info about the event click

Ciao for noww Gals!

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