Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's New Majolica Majorca?

This pretty gold ketai sling bag is so cute and I got it for free from Majolica Majorca 
perfect collectiion with their gold skin pore cover and gold pouch last year.

So yeah, I just drop at the counter and have this goodies

I'll try to make a review on this on my next blogsss never try them yet

What's new in Majolica Majorca besides from King of Lash Mascara?

well, they have this card just like what we have in starbucks for the planner 
you'll get this for a minimum of P1500 purchase and amazing freebies is waiting for you!

Just discovered it last month. I've been buying loots since last year, aw my stickers~

Anyway, just sharing so you won't waste your stickers and turned them into cool freebies

Ciao Ladies~

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