Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Pink Circle Lens Mini Review

I'm currently inlove with anything hello kitty and because of obsession, I got this hello kitty circle lens and cute frames. you can buy it HERE

*Diameter: 14.5
*Base Curve: 8.60
*Life Span: 12 months
*Water Content: 48%
*Origin: Korea

 there are so many cute colors to choose from and I got the pink one.The design is very cute you can clearly see kitty's small heads around the lens.    

click the pic to see it clearer~
I've been wearing this lens for a week now and its pretty comfy I cant even feel I'm wearing them! or maybe it's because the lens is really soft compare to my other lenses. I wear them only for six hours or less. I don't recommend wearing them for a long period of time because its really soft! But it really makes your eyes bigger like any other circle lenses. 
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      Overall I rate this lens  Very Good  I really like the hello kitty design, simple but cute! You better grab one of this if you're a Hello Kitty fan. It's very limited~

Oh btw~ I'm just using my phone-bloggerdroid for this, and mobile app Camera360 for the photos 8.1megapixels so photos are kind of blurry ;)   Anyway, speaking of hello kitty, I got some stuff last week! jelly pink

Super kawaii kitty overload!

Thanks for reading, I'm having some problems with my blog right now :( 
I was about to change my url last time then everything mess up so I had to take back my old url, I don't even know if my followers could see me in their feeds idk what it is.
Hope I can fix everything soon!

Ciao for now girlies!

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