Thursday, April 12, 2012

Princess Mimi Bambi Chocolate Lens Review

My all time fave Circle lens bambi choco. Designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka my inspiration to all gyaru. I've been wearing this for couple of months now and I'm so in love with the design. 

*Diameter: 15mm
*Base Curve: 8.70
*Life Span: 12 months
*Water Content: 38%
*Origin: Korea
It's really enlarging  and very comfy to wear. I know it's not good to wear circle lens longer than 6-8 hours but I wear this for a whole day or like 12hours and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. 

close up look
*wearing thins amazingly dramatic lower lash from GYARU SHOPPE

One more thing about how beautiful this bambi choco, is when I wear it on day time without wearing falsies it really makes your eye naturally attractive and cute! that's based on my experience because a lot of strangers are asking about it, if it's my real eye color cause it looks natural and cute.

That's for now dolls~ 

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