Thursday, September 8, 2011


Wearing cute sailor costumes? Well, this is for our presentation in Transportation subject. Our professor assigned us to make a presentation about the Maritime Industry Authority. She'll give an exemption for the best presentation.

In this case, the groups are randomly chosen. And we got number 3. So we don’t have enough time to prepare for our presentation. My friend and I do the layout design for our classroom our theme is nautical since our presentation is about sea transport. We draw every single thing that pops in our head, like turning the teacher’s table into a ship? Is that possible? Haha.

 Here's our classroom see the ship table?
We made it! hoho 

And this arch

btw, when you entered the class room our sound effect is really awesome~ you can really feel that you are entering in different world. Sailors are greeting the guests giving them cute brochure about our presentation, (layout by Anj) and some cute spongebob giveaway.

And for the cute costume, it was inspired by Popteen magazine nautical trend. We added cute high socks and some more accessories to make it look cuter. 

Dressing up, designing the classroom for early class was really a tough job.
It's our first subject at 7AM btw! and everything should be ready before our mates and professor arrived.

 I hope we get good grades for this.
Even we don't have a long time to prepare;we put so much effort for this. 
We enjoy this fun presentation though. hoho.
Karla with the sign~ and April over there, holding our blue sea

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That's all for my Nautical Update!

Ciao for now gals!

I'll see you on my next post~



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