Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

Hey, heyl Gals!  It's been a while since I made blog post.  Anyway! Before 2011 leave, I just want to share all the fun I had from the past months especially "Ber" months when I stopped posting. I bet you all know the reason. I’ve been a very busy student~ errrr should I say graduating student, so many trainings waiting oh, and if you liked my page or follow me on twitter, I posted there that we'll be moving to another house and finally we're here in our new home and just got our internet connection.  DSL sucks! It takes like zillion years before they provide you a ready line.

Oh well, here some adventure I had Last September. We had this amazing tour in Bicol.  

The White Party

The first time I tried to curl my hair like this. oh-yeah! haha

Bicol trip wouldn't be complete without seeing our very own Perfect Cone!

Hello Volcano! 

We had our lunch here 

and try out this hellaspicy Bicol express!  

You can never go wrong when you try wake boarding at CWC!
Camsur Watersport Complex

my first try! lol

After wake boarding and hot spring, we had this red mars party

The whole month of September is all about Travel oooh I love to travel!!  

Divider, cute

The highlight of my 2011 is my fave month October of course! My birth month~ I turned 20 last October 13! wooh! not a teenager anymore!
We didn't take much pic that night we just had a nice dinner out with family.
Gifts are soo nice! My mum spoils me~

shall I make a review on this? Just lemme know~

Divider, cute

 November,  I started my on the job training on a luxury hotel here in manila. I'm so saad that I had to dye my hair black because a lot of company here in Philippines are really strict about the look especially hair color. 

oh well, I'm kinda getting into the black hair gal trend since Tsubasa dyed her hair dark brown but, I'll be more on the vampire side since I watched Breaking Dawn and saw how pretty Bella was when she became a vampire! lol but seriously I'm currently loving dark lippies will post more about that soon!

November event: My friend Alynette and I attended this Clinique workshop~

December Delights

 Christmas party front office department
 with my co-trainees

What more about december?

It' about Christmas bazaar baby!    Haha. Every week we shop and find amazing clothes, shoes, accessories on sale! Oh I   December! Will haul maybe next year. Tons of peter pan collar and maxi skirt styling will be post! 

Till' here gals! 2012 will be here in a bit! 




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