Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unboxing My 1st BdJ Elite Box: Heroine Make Sweet Light Box

Hey gals! This is my first BDJ box. I was really tempted to get one since it's a Japanese product. It's Heroine Make  I've also tried this before their liquid pen liner and the mineral loose powder is the best! You can check heroine page here at Heroine Make Philippines. Anyway going back if you haven't heard about BDJ basically, it's a community on facebook where you can subscribe and received monthly beauty box surprise. you can check their page here for more info. So here's my first BDJ elite box for my Heroine Make

I picked letter A. Sweet Light

                Here's the kawaii box💖

What's inside?

Lets' start with the face product.

             Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus
  Heroine Make Protect UV Mineral 
        BB Cream  PHP 595

   Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder                    Clear PHP 695

          Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner 
                         PHP 345
         Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow
                          PHP 345
     Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
                       PHP 595
           Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer
                         PHP 345
         Heroine Make Impact Eyelash
                       PHP 345

Plus this kawaii cards for the item description. The total of the Heroine Make products is PHP 3710 but I only got them for PHP1480! At BDJ elite box. Better get yours before they run out of stocks. I'm also thinking about getting another box. Anyway, I will make a review on each of the item my current fave is the bbcream and clear pore powder!

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