Tuesday, May 27, 2014

✿Hair story: Bleaching hair from dark brown to blonde

Platinum Ashy blonde is my dream hair I did a lot of research how to achieve the color I want and it took time.
So here's a picture of mine last year december 2013 before I bleached i

And december 20 is the first time I bleach my hair at home. If you were wondering I went to a salon last time to achieve ash blonde but unfortunately I have to dyed it dark for my graduation since my uni is not allowing blonde hair. I know right, so unfair. Anyway you can check my post about ash blonde hair here. Okay going back, my mom help me bleached my hair. First bleach: we leave it for about 20mins cause Im afraid of hair loss. And after the first bleach it turned out orangey super ugly! And did'nt take apic of it and we bleach it again once my hair dries. Second bleach: it turned out yellow blonde some of them were platinum since I have highlights. Here's some of my pics with yellow blonde hair..
After that I let my hair rest and used hair treatment will post another blog for hair care. On the 2nd month My mom and I bleached again my hair but we only apply on the roots and leave it for an hour. It amazing that my roots are lighter than the lower part of my hair even that is the first bleach. Here's some pics.. We ran out of oxidizing solution so we didn't bleach the entire hair.. 
The same routine, hair treatment again for two months and this is my Third Bleach: this is where my hair died. joking! Hahaha well almost died this is what happen we bleach it for an hour but I was in front of my computer and forgot I should rinse it that was an hour and 20mins on my head! And I just realized my hair is so hot so I imediately rinse my hair and 2 inches of my hair were extremely soft and because it too soft when you brush it it will fall off! I was so scared and dont know what to do so I waited for my hair to be completely dry and then I comb it but a lot of hair falls of but the was 2 inches lower part of my hair. 

I watched some hair treatment on yt and tried it which is not washing hair for a few days so natural oil will come back to the hair and make it healthy. Thank god after a month it goes back to a healthy hair but I have to continue all my hair rituals. and here's my final hair look at the moment.

I was thinking about trying manic panic virgin snow to tone the yellowness and brassiness of my hair but then I just realize that I have cousin in the us where I can ask to buy wella toner so I'll use this wella toner soon! It's in white lady very popular on removing yellowness and brassiness of the hair permanently! So here's the final look


Almost platinum!

Ciao for now til' my next hair story?

By the way have you tried dyeing your hair like very usual color?
Especially if your living here in manila.

Share your experience!

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