Saturday, July 23, 2011

★~ Tsubasa Masuwaka 益若つばさ Dolly Wink Nail Tutorial ~★

Hey Girls!  Our exam week is over~ I'm back to blogging!
 here's my current Nail design~

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I want something red, it supposed to be Ichigo design but I failed drawing the leaves.
 I found this picture of Tsubasa and got inspired 

If you zoom in you'll see her kawaii Nail Design
Very Dolly Wink ne~

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I made a Tutorial on Yt. Haha~ I miss making videos. 
subscribe if you want~ mychannel

Here's the tutorial~

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The Products I used

Etude House WH702
Etude House RD102
Etude House Nail Art Pen White
Caronia Top Coat
Winmax Long Type Enamel #29

Dotting Tools

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here's the finish look on my left hand.


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Hope you all like my Nail Design~
btw, I made a Gyaru Shoppe online~ You might wanna check it out~
Here's the link Gyaru Shoppe Meishoku

Ciao for now Girlies!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High Waisted Bikini and 200+ Followers!

Have you gals tried wearing a high waisted bikini? hihi. I think it's kawaii and unique. 

I ordered this one online  Getting ready for our Laguna Outing~  loving retro style right now!


Oh, and 200 Followers Yay! Thank You so much GalsI really appreciate all your support and sweetness! btw, I'm planing to have a giveawayto share my happiness with y'all lovely followers!~

Just a quick post~


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sexy Haul

Hello Gals! It's sexy haul time! hihi. My friend Angelica from U.S.  got mi some stuff. So here it is! 

Tadaaah!~ it's my first ever Lingerie from Charlotte Russe~ I really want to have something like this long time ago, and finally my friend got mi one!  It's funny 'cause I never think of buying this at Adult or Lingerie boutiques here in Manila cause I think It's for adult only or I'm too young for this?
 Anyway, I can use this for costume parties or for casual/ night out days just top it with a cardigan. 

I remember the old night out parties I used to wear something like this

(Here's Me, Yeaaaars ago taken around The Fort. Not-so-gyaru~ but loving Japanese Style. The cutie shorts I got it from Japan and it has a garter lace for the legs but I didn't wear it here. The top is from Genevieve Gozum you can purchase it here in Manila and I just added clip bows on to the top to make it look cuter. That's how style long time ago~ hihi ) 

It's pretty unusual to wear something like this if you're living here in Manila, cause we have full of judgmental people here. anyway, I don't care what other people say as long as I like and enjoy what I'm doing. hihi I think I'll be wearing the Lingerie outside the house hihi~ but only the top! not that little T~ thingy. 

Heart & Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

Thinking how to wear this outside? 

I raid my closet and think how to turn my lingerie into a cute outfit.

With my light pink polka shorts 

any denim shorts will do

Of course if I will wear this out, I won't forget to wear it with cardigans to tone down the sexiness or not to show so much skin~

more stuff from Angelica.

this cute leopard hair band also from Charlotte Russe

Victoria's Secret

Thank You so much Angelica if you ever read this your the best gal!~

And that's about it for now. 
Hmm how about you gals, Did you ever wear Lingerie out? 
How'd it go? Share it with me!


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